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Welcome to More Learning, Less Testing!


This site was created to keep Florida parents, and others, informed about the rampant testing going on in our schools. We are concerned about the overuse of testing, and feel that other parents need to know what is happening. We hope that our site can make it easy for parents to learn information and provide an easy means to affect positive change. The mood here is meant to be positive because we are motivated to help make our classrooms be the best they can be for our children, and we are convinced we can, with your help, create positive change! Act now!

The Overuse and Misuse of Standardized Testing
  • WASTED MONEY & TIME  $54 Million per year in Florida spent on testing. Average of 60-80 days of instruction time wasted on testing and test prep.


  • UNEVEN PLAYING FIELD  Testing and accountability are often touted as helping minorities and students of low socioeconomic status to escape bad schools and improve their situation. However, the pass rates for students identified as minorities (34-51%), as having disabilities (24%), or as English Language Learners (11%) are so low as to scream that this system is completely failing them.

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